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W&D silver wrist watch (15 jewel)

hi all i joined this forum to ask a couple of questions from you knowledgeable folk, i have no experience in watches whatsoever so if i say anything stupid ill apologize in advance, i came across a watch recently that is stamped w&d its 925 silver and appears very old, its not in very good condition now ive seen from several posts that there should be a letter to tell me what year it was made does anyone know what letters respond to what years or indeed anymore info that might help me? i will post pictures if required, tks
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Michael M.
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Well, W&D stands for Wilsdorf & Davis. If the watch is silver, than it should have a hallmark, a hallmark will help you determine the date of the watch. Please post pictures of it.
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i will post pictures soon need a better camera just tried some they arent very clear, inside the back case are several stamps "xi" at the top then 925 another stamp then the letter "q" also the number below the w&d is 4496 with a lighter stamp of 14 after this number, several dates and names are scratched into it which i take as services but are hard to read with the naked eye........ most of this is probably useless without pictures but if any of it means anything please let me know w&d is also stamped on the workings as well....
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The hallmarks will be able to date the watch, but as for model numbers etc.. they will not help.
If it is a wire lug watch as I expect, that is about as much as you'll find out as there is very little information on these watches.
When the watch was imported it would have been marked with the city of import mark and date letter etc, which is what the 'q' mark you have is.
It will have an import mark too, this could be 2 F's one inverted and facing eachother for Glasgow, Birmingham is a Triangle, Edinburgh is an X, Sheffield is like the Omega symbol on a plinth, London is like a horseshoe shape and Dublin looks like an M with a horizontal line through it midway.

With the import mark and date letter (including if it is upper or lower case etc..) you will be able to date the watch and have an idea of where it started life.

I hope this is of some use.

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tks mark it looks like dublin is the mark(would make sense geographically) and a lower case "q" would be the date mark, your correct it is a wire lug watch, are these watches rare would there be a market for restoration? pictures will be up in next day or so...
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