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Amiamit 25 August 2020 03:05 PM

20 year watch journey + collage
I came upon this site 10 years ago when I'd decided to buy my first Rolex. You've all been great sources of information & opinion over the years. I see that I haven't contributed in ages, so I give you my personal story below:

The Ebel Chrono was my first 'real' watch, got that as a wedding present 21 years ago and was hooked.

I had to wait ~10 years to buy another, the Rolex no date Submariner. I remember walking into various AD's in London to see what they had in stock. My third day got me this lovely thing! I don't think it's possible to walk into a dealer and walk out with a Steel Sub anymore. A pity, it was a lot of fun. I remember I had just a 1000 pounds on me that day and they agreed to hold the watch just till the next morning. I changed my train ticket for the next morning so as to be able to go back and pick it up. I got there before they opened. They sized it for me and I made a later train to Edinburgh! :cheers:

I bought the Omega from a pawn store someplace. I'm pretty sure I paid 50$ for it back then. We'd agreed on 40$, but when I went to pick it up he wanted $10 extra. I almost didn't agree, glad I did, I'm wearing it as I type.

And the JLC Grande Reverso for my 40th birthday (a few years later than the year I turned 40, but then it was worth the wait). I wore it on a fat calfskin strap for a couple of years but then switched it back to the croco original during the lockdown. Perhaps in preparation for all the formal dinner parties in the offing :rofl:

I picked the Pasha up (used) in Japan a few years ago. I'd first seen it on a friends wrist in Zurich. He had his dad's watch and got a new strap at Cartier there. It looked so cool! It's the only watch I own that comes reasonably close to the Sub in terms of wrist time. It's running fast now, but my watch guy says he'll adjust and service it.

The Cellini is my dad's. He'd bought himself his grail once (a PP annual cal, great condition, used) and needed to sell it soon after. The buyer gave him cash + this watch. He gave it to me. I really need to buy him something to replace the PP as soon as am able - will do another post on that soon.

The GSHock I bought a month ago, walking by the store and decided I needed a 'rough travel' watch.

And then I saw the Aquadive (photo from online) limited edition Poseidon model - big, chunky, 1000 m water resist .... and decided it would make a better 'rough travel' watch. I first saw it lockdown early days, they had 7 pieces left (of 300). And when things opened up I wrote to them they had 3. I chose a serial I liked and paid ... and they wrote back they the number I wanted was sold along with the other and just the one was left and was I OK with. It's in America at a friends house, I'll get it in a few months.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have all your posts :bye:

Amiamit 25 August 2020 09:09 PM
thats where the watch collage pic is ...

Alexwwjd 18 October 2020 05:58 AM

Thanks for sharing! A good balanced collection! :cheers:

Now I want an Aquadive Poseidon! :cheers:

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