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tomvox1 20 November 2019 01:28 AM

SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE: Extremely Rare Vintage Rolex 18k PG ref. 6284 JOYERIA RIVIERA
This rare and beautiful Rolex Joyeria Riviera is newly available for a special limited time Holiday Sale which ends when 2019 does!

Up for sale is this exceedingly rare 1950s Rolex reference 6284 Oyster Perpetual in solid 18 karat Pink Gold with original double-signed Joyeria Riviera honeycomb dial. Joyeria Riviera was a top Cuban jewelry retailer, the Tiffany’s of Havana if you will, and they were forced to move their operations to Puerto Rico when Fidel Castro and the communists took power in 1960. Therefore, finding a pre-Castro Rolex signed with their name is a major coup, much less a lovely pink gold semi-Bubbleback Oyster Perpetual in such wonderful condition. Overall, the watch is in Excellent vintage condition with a case Serial Number of 83x,k that dates it to circa 1953-54. It has somehow survived the decades without having its Brevet crown replaced or its dial refinished, as so many of theses old beauties have. The rose gold case is beautiful to behold, as is the great waffle-style guilloche dial, and I am also including a very cool, suitable and uncommon genuine Rolex pink gold-plated stretch rivet Oyster bracelet that compliments the watch beautifully at the buyer’s option.

As you can find out by doing just a little research online, a Joyeria Riviera-signed Rolex is a real blue-chip purchase with historical significance and the trajectory for these elite double-name watches has only been upwards. This is a special chance to add a genuinely rare watch to your collection that instantly commands respect from Rolex and non-Rolex aficionados alike.

The asking price for this rare and important 1950s Pink Gold Rolex 6284 Oyster Perpetual with beautiful Joyeria Riviera-signed dial on the plated rivet Oyster bracelet is now greatly reduced for a special limited time HOLIDAY SALE to just $12,950 USD OBRO, which includes fully insured FedEx shipping worldwide. If for some reason you don’t want the plated bracelet the price is $12,250 USD OBRO for the watch itself on a strap. Payment by Bank Wire greatly preferred. Other payment options upon approval. Payment must be made in US DOLLARS. Watch will ship upon full clearance of the funds, as well as any necessary bank vetting.

CASE & BACK: Stunning 18-karat rose gold 3-piece Oyster case measures a classic mid-century gent’s dress size of 34mm in diameter not including crown x 40mm lug-to-lug, perfect for the understated, effortlessly elegant man or daring, confident woman of today. This 6284 shows some previous polish but the lugs are still nicely defined and the case sides are properly rounded. There are only very minor marks to the watch with no dings to speak of and the smooth pressure-fit bezel is also quite clean. Easily Excellent previously polished overall condition. Between the lugs, the serial number and reference number are quite worn, however, and only the first two digits of the 83x,xxx serial number are really visible with a loupe; on the model number side at “12” only a portion of the Brevet Cross is still visible. There is a nice sharp hallmark for 18k gold stamped beneath the top right lug. The clean, non-engraved outer caseback has some very minor scratches and some wear to the knurling — Excellent cosmetic condition overall. The inner caseback is correctly stamped with its 6284 reference number and has all the other correct Rolex nomenclature and 18k gold hallmarks of the era. It screws down tightly to the case as it should.

DIAL & HANDS: Original factory printed honeycomb guilloche dial with pink gold dial furniture has aged beautifully and varies in tone from an off-white ivory color to an almost butter yellow depending on the light and angle. While the minute track and SWISS signature along the edges have some slight fading/wear the main dial printing in the center, including the uber-rare Joyeria Riviera signature beneath Oyster Perpetual, is intact and quite sharp. The dial surface shows a bit of age with some very light rub marks and spots to the complex diamond-shaped pattern but these are rather less pronounced in real life than in the photographs. Original Radium luminous plots are all present with only minor degradation and they and the filled quarter arrowhead markers show the darkened patina of the years. Excellent original vintage condition for this beautiful 60+year-old dial overall. The original pink gold dauphine hands are very clean and their luminous fill has a lovely tan patina. I am fairly certain that someone has slightly shortened the sweep seconds hand to keep it from hitting the crystal but this hardly detracts and the handset is really like Near Mint overall. On the wrist this dial in this lovely pink gold watch is an absolute knockout!

CROWN: Extremely rare original rose gold Brevet crown with coronet logo and Swiss cross signifying a patent, correct for a 1953-54 Rolex crown. The crown shows a bit of wear and does not quite screw down all the way on the tube but of course originality trumps that little niggle. It certainly still screws down, unscrews to wind the watch and pulls out to set the time as it should.

CRYSTAL: Older low dome acrylic crystal is chip & crack free with only very minor scratches and is very clear with no crazing — easily Near Mint.

MOVEMENT: This great Oyster Perpetual model features a classic Rolex self-winding chronometer movement, caliber A260 I believe, with aperture for "+/-" timing adjustment without removing the Rotor plate, hence Semi-Bubbleback. I had this movement fully serviced upon acquiring it some years ago and it has run like a champ during its sparing use since. Winds, sets and keeps time very well and guaranteed to be working properly at the time of shipment.

BRACELET: This great Joyeria Riviera is offered on an equally rare and Near Mint Rolex-signed 20 micron pink gold-plated stretch rivet Oyster bracelet with straight ends date-coded 1/53. It is super tight with no discernible stretch and will fit up to about a 7 1/4” wrist at its maximum adjustment. As stated above, if you prefer the watch can be delivered without the bracelet on a strap for a substantial savings… but I personally would spring for the bracelet, as it is super cool, matches well and is a nice option to have. This Rolex has a 19mm lug width.

As a matter of policy, I make NO guarantees for the water resistance of this watch in any way, shape or form.

This amazing Joyeria Riviera Rolex Chronometer is offered with a 3-day inspection period from the date of receipt and may be returned for a full refund (less any shipping costs incurred by the buyer). This refund is unconditional and once I get back the watch in exactly the same condition as it was sent to you, your money will be refunded. Of course, once the 3 days are over the sale will be considered FINAL.

Thanks for looking,

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