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hitman23 13 March 2021 02:14 AM

Independent Watchmaker
Good day,

Any recommendations for an independent CW21 watchmaker to handle routine rolex service in the NYC/NJ area?

I had used Riki years ago, but I heard he lost his parts account with Rolex. Then I read Vanessa retired.


214270Explorer 13 March 2021 02:30 AM

I know of two CW21's, but they are not in your area.
Bob Ridley of Dallas, Texas
and his son Phillip Ridley of Mesa, Arizona

Both can be found on-line. Just type in their names.

They are both world class CW21's, and in particular are great with Vintage Rolex, if that is a need. They will do right by your Rolex for any service needed.

I won't let anyone else work on my watches (not anymore!)

BTW there are not that many CW21's around. Maybe 300 or so in the U.S.? There "may" be a few closer to you. Perhaps other readers here will chime in.

fsprow 1 April 2021 05:28 AM

Michael at Swiss Precision in NYC is excellent and CW21.

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