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jjvd21 8 April 2019 01:28 PM

Service for 1972 Oyster Perpetual
I inherited a 1972 Rolex Oyster Perpetual black dial with gold plating from my grandfather who passed away. It likely hasnít been serviced in 25+ years. I took it to Rolex Michigan Ave in Chicago and the rep told me that Rolex doesnít stock parts for vintage pieces like this and Iíd have to send it on to a 3rd party. This struck me as odd but what do I know. Can anyone recommend a vintage Rolex servicer that can bring this piece back to life?

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Soneji 8 April 2019 06:05 PM

Rolex services my 1980 datejust perfectly fine in the UK. I think the movements might be the same 3035.

jwrosenthal 8 April 2019 09:57 PM

I was told the same thing by a local AD in regards to my 1982 GMT, Rolex doesn't support products this old anymore. I guess they would rather sell you a new watch than repair their old ones. Don't know if that info varies by AD or if there is a cut-off date from Corp. Frankly you probably don't want them to do it anyway. They will charge you a fortune and replace any part that is not within current spec- this includes original dial and hands if they show any signs of age or "patina". I have read horror stories of people who send rare models to Rolex only to get them back "like new" including replacement dials and hands, polished cases and bracelets etc....hence killing any historical value.

I'm sure if you wait a day or two people here will chime in with recommendations for a good indipendant in the Chicago area. It should only cost around $150-300 for a service unless there are parts that are in need of replacement. Then just keep it on a schedule of every 5-10 years for service (replacing the crown and case seals as needed to keep it waterproof) and it should out-live you by a millennia.

Oh- and if you have any pictures of it, post them so we can get a better idea of what you're talking about.

cpefy3 8 April 2019 11:17 PM

I used AD Watch repair for a couple of issues I had with my 1984 Datejust. They are on Lincoln, just south of Irving Park. It is a one man shop and he had a Rolex parts account. I am not sure if he still does as I moved out of the area 2 years ago. Best of luck!!

Rolexlover92 12 April 2019 11:10 AM

Seems like a lot of collectors here recommend Los Angeles Watch Works and Bob Ridley for Vintage Rolex Service

mobster600 12 April 2019 11:37 AM

MJ Watch in Glenview off Waukegan Road. He also has a case of vintage watches for sale. I’m taking something to him soon.

Toronto Soup King 12 April 2019 11:00 PM

RSC here in Toronto serviced my old 1018, and that thing must have been fifty years old when I took it in. However I did specify they make it new again so they didn't have to worry about being overgentle with the dial, hands, crown and crystal (all of which were replaced, even the patina lovers here would have agreed with my "too ratty to wear in public" assessment). I do notice the seconds hand judders like the wheel is missing more teeth than Ozzy down the pub, though, so perhaps they didn't fix it all!

JonB 14 April 2019 02:51 AM

I just got my Red 1680 back from Bob Ridley. Superb work and superb service. Bob treasures your watch as you do. It's a passion for him

jjvd21 12 October 2019 01:20 PM

Just received the watch back from Sutters in Chicago they completed a full internal service and installed a new crown and crystal (plexi). They also polished the case as best they could. I tried to post a picture here but the forum rules prevent me given my lack of posts.

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jjvd21 6 November 2019 09:08 AM

Gifted the watch to my wife it turned out great.

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Tools 6 November 2019 09:37 AM

Glad that it turned out for you!!

Anybody can attach a photo using the paperclip as long as it meets the size limits. :cheers:

jjvd21 8 November 2019 12:26 AM

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Here I hope this works. Itís 47 years young...

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