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DoctorA 29 October 2019 02:49 AM

SBGA387 weight vs snowflake weight
Anyone knows the weight of the SBGA387 and how it compares to the snowflake?
One being SS and the other is titanium

Also is the SBGA387 case and lugs solid or hollow SS?
Thank you

Hosum 29 October 2019 03:04 AM

Seeing your other thread about coming from Rolexes:

387 feels like you're wearing a 41mm SS datejust. Whereas the snowflake feels like you're wearing the weight of a 36mm datejust, but with a thick leather strap because of how light it is. I recommend trying the snowflake or any of the titanium models on because the light feeling might feel alien.

I've always assumed the lugs were solid SS, don't know how to check

Locust 29 October 2019 03:33 AM

Lugs are solid. They snowflake is unbelievably light. You either love it or don't care for it.

bearxj86 29 October 2019 03:37 AM

Titanium as a metal is around 45% lighter than Stainless Steel. When you account for the movement, it is around 40% lighter. It truly is a different feeling - I personally didn't like it at first but the comfort level is amazing and over time it has become my de facto travel watch due to how lightweight it is.

What makes the snowflake and GS titanium so amazing is the fact that it is a special grade of high intensity titanium that obtains a color and sheen unlike any I've seen. It is slightly darker be can be mistaken for stainless steel. The Zaratsu polish on such a metal is truly spectacular.

When I wear my snowflake; it is like I am wearing a really light watch, but the finishing and the reflection of it makes it feel like true luxury. If you're worn a Patek Aquanaut - it is the same feeling for me.

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