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edhahn44 8 October 2019 08:13 PM

Explorer II 1655

I've been offered a vintage Rolex Explorer 1655. Pls see pictures below. Since I'm not an expert I'm seeking advice whether the experts in this forum see any indication that the watch is not genuine?

Facts of the watch:
- Dial: MK 2 (to my understanding)
- Bezel:
- Clasp code: VC (indicates 1978)
- Serial number: 539xxxxxx
- Running smoothly
- No papers

What is a reasonable price for such a watch?


Dan S 8 October 2019 09:12 PM

Just out of curiosity, is the seller indicating that the case has been refinished? Or does he say it is original and pristine? Overall the watch looks to be in very fine condition and would sell for an above average value. You can look at recent listings and sales to get an idea of price. Obviously the context matters, e.g. whether it is a private seller/collector or professional dealer.

swish77 8 October 2019 10:57 PM

Nice-looking MK2, and a late version based on the serial number. Case looks as if it's been re-cut/refinished, but that wouldn't bother me much, as long as the seller's not trying to say otherwise.

You should get a look at the serial/reference numbers, the movement, and ask for a UV photo of the dial/hands to confirm the tritium condition.

Nothing jumps out to indicate an obvious issue with the watch.

What's the asking price? I'd assume retail value would be in the low $20Ks, assuming everything is what it appears and there are no hidden issues.

edhahn44 9 October 2019 01:02 AM

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, seller sells it as polished. Asking price around 18k.

Dan S 9 October 2019 03:19 AM

That asking price is in the right ballpark IMO.

edhahn44 9 October 2019 11:52 PM

OK, thanks.

edhahn44 9 October 2019 11:54 PM

Here some additional pictures. Curious you still support the view this is a legit watch:

Dan S 10 October 2019 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by edhahn44 (Post 10042185)

Is this a quiz? If you have concerns, perhaps you can share them.

edhahn44 10 October 2019 12:44 AM

Not a quiz. I'm just seeking for advice from the experts here to avoid doing a mistake.

swish77 10 October 2019 02:10 AM


Originally Posted by edhahn44 (Post 10042326)
Not a quiz. I'm just seeking for advice from the experts here to avoid doing a mistake.

Reference number engraving looks OK. Did you get a photo showing the serial number? What are your other questions/concerns? Some good advice already above.

I'd still recommend getting a UV-light photo showing the dial and hands.

Also, I'd suggest going on the archives sections of some well-known sellers to see other examples of 1655s that have sold, to compare. If you go on HQ Milton, for example, you can compare to other 1655 MK2s, including the engravings and all details. In fact, you can narrow it down to a serial number close to the one you're looking at, because there are some other subtle differences even within MK2s, especially regarding the bezels. (Some have a heavier font than others.)

edhahn44 10 October 2019 06:35 PM

Very helpful. Thanks for the insights.

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