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padi56 3 December 2005 07:27 PM

Posting Of Pictures All Please Read
All Mods were discussing how many new members we've been getting and he suggested that we might just have to cover the issue of posting up pictures of a sensitive nature, for the benefit of our new members.

Given the diversity of our motley crew here, the mods agreed a while back that pictures corresponding roughly to M(18) ratings or above can be posted, but the posting of any nude semi nude should be done as link and in a manner respectful of everyone's sensibilities.

The solution we came up with was that these pictures or videos should be posted as links instead of images, so that they would not show up when the page was opened, but anybody could click the link and view them if they so wished. Also, these pictures should be posted with some notification of their nature (e.g. "adult pic" or "cleavage pic" as JJ would have it :chuckle: ).

OK, so how do you post it as a link?

The easy way to do it is to click the "Insert link" button (circled in red below) and then to put the url in the space in the window that pops up.

The picture above can also be viewed by clicking the link:

For the lazy people like myself, who prefer to type the html tags, use "url" instead of "img" in these tags, and there you go!

Thanks for your cooperation, guys!please keep size max to 700X700 pictures will be resized if too large

The max limit for all images and this includes smilies is 20
in one post.

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