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padi56 29 July 2005 06:00 PM

Articles and Information links on most watch related items
most brands covered some may now be out of date.
Most things covered from bracelet resizing to doing
your own watch regulation.

Article collections.

Horological Parts,Tools, Materials & Books

C.O.S.C standards and how they do the tests.

Richard Watkins - Horological Books:
Replacement Style Rolex Solid And TT Braclets.

Excellent Articles on the Inner Workings of a Watch
THE BALANCE WHEEL OF A WATCH (also touches adjustment):

Russian Watches (just a few):

Seiko Watch Production Date Calculator

RWC - Reto's Watch Collection and more (PMWF):

Timezone Achieve:

Timezone Horologies:

Watch winders and winder information.


Omega special tools.

About Movements and Finish
16 Current mechanical chronograph movements:

79 most Commonly Used Calibres:

83 Jewels Too Many:

Automatic Movements:

Break in periods of movements (there is none on ETA):

Center seconds, The Pursuit of:

CHOPARD L.U.C. CALIBRE 1.96 (By Walt Odets):

Clockwatch (escapement animations):

Deconstructing the Ideal, high-grade wristwatches:

Does Faster Mean More Accurate? Frequency Response of a Watch Escapement:

Dubey and Schaldenbrand, The Index Mobile Rattrap ante System:

ETA, strategy to 2010:

ETA 2824-2:

ETA 2892:

ETA/Valjoux Calibre 7750:
Grand Seiko movies (making of):

Indirect Centre Seconds (Walt Odet):

IWC's Great Automatic Movements, The Calibre 85 Family:

IWC Reference 5001:

Lemania 5100:

Mechanical Magic in Three Dimensions, 3D models of movement details and complications: Requires a plug-in.

Movement prices (ETA and Valjoux):

On the Ebauche Tradition:

Orbita Watch Database, watches, their movements, and winding information:

Panerai movements (some of the ones in older Panerais):

Patek Calibre 240 (Walt Odet):

Perfect Circle, Variations in Adjustable-Inertia Balance Design:

Ranfft Watches (movement listing with details):

Regulators, a gallery:

Repeaters from the inside:

Review on different chronograph movements:

Rolex Tudor Sub Information.

Rolex & Tudor calibres models bracelets etc.

Rolex Calibre 2235: http://<br /> http://people.timezone...ex/Rolex1.html

ANATOMY OF A GMT WATCH.Like the Rolex designed the GMT Master.

Rolex Submariner Cal. 3135:

Russian movements:

Seiko 6S37A, The Flight Master was on the deck, or something like that:

Seiko Calibres:

Seiko Spring Drive:

Sinn Announce DIAPAL Oil-Free Escapement:

Speedmaster "Moon-watch" Movements:

Tourbillon ("why Tourbillons suck"):

Tourbillon disassembling, Joseph Chevalier with tourbillon Cal. CH 1760:

Uhrenjournal on IWC's Use of ETA Base Movements:

Unitas Reference Site:

Vacheron Constantin, A Minute Repeater Tutorial:

VALJOUX 7750 CHRONOGRAPH (BY WALT ODETS, good explanation of how it works):

Valjoux 7750 Overhaul:

Valjoux 7750, when a 7750 ain't a 7750 any longer -- Reworking the workhorse (on IWC modifications):

Volker Vsykocil, a word from (on the click):

Vostok movements:

A. Lange & Söhne 1815 (critical comments):

Dreadnought versus Kobold Seal:

Minerva Pythagore "Anniversary Dial":

(Amateur) Watchmaking, Projects, and How-To's
A Guide on Regulating the ETA 2824:

Anatomy of a simple cutout (incl. info on bluing):

Benches, pictures of famous watchmakers benches:

part 1: * part 2:
Bezel maintenance:;read=465266


Converting a basic UNITAS 6497:

Display backs (links to same page):

Doxa, some comments about restoration of old watches:

How to Clean & Oil a Watch: A Beginners Guide (and other good stuff):

How a watch works.

How to pronounce those fancy watch words:

HOW TO resize the most common bracelets:

How to wear a NATO strap:

Photo Tips:

Polishing The Acrylic Crystal:

TWEAKING THE MARK XII (excellent explanation of how adjustments are done):

Watch Repair (1918 book online):

Great Watchmakers
A Watch Story, by and about Ron DeCorte:

Daniel Roth, Jean Daniel Nicolas Two-Minute Tourbillon:

Kiu Tai Yu (self taught master watchmaker): Also read this: The Amazing Mr. Kiu

Paul Gerber's Retro twin:

Philippe Dufour's Simplicity - A Documentary, About Movement finishing:

Svend Andersen (AHCI member): The Purist 178 Interviews the Danish master watchmaker:

Vianney Halter, a visit to:

A Day in Watch School:

About pilot's watches:

Advice for Buyers on Sales Corner:

Antti Ronkko's homemade watch:


Balance Wheel - A Brief History of the Technology:

Best Watches in the Swiss Watch Shows (2004, incl. the impressive TAG Heuer v4):


Breguet Legacy:

BREITLING SLIDE-RULE MANUAL (requires windows to be extracted):

Brief History of Soviet Space Timepieces:

British Masters in Timekeeping:

Celebrity Watch, watches in movies (with screenshots):

Diving watches, the story of:

Dynamic Pressure on Diving Watch (is a myth):

Felix Baumgartner, URWERK, Harry Winston and the Opus V:

Field Test Review of the LIMES "OUTBACK 2":

Francois-Paul Journe, ThePuristS Interview:

Helium valve, atypical thoughts on helium escape valves:

History of Grand Seiko:

In the 21st century, what is the state of the mechanical watch?

Inside COSC:

Invicta Torture Test:

IWC, A Guided Tour of The IWC Factory:

Jaeger-LeCoultre memovox (in Danish):

James Bond's watches:

Luminous materials:

Minerva, Like Phoenix from the ashes - the astonishing rebirth of Minerva SA, Villeret:

My Descent Into Hell - The Mind of a Watch Addict:

My Obsession, by William Gibson:

Navigator, Icons of Wristwatch Design 1:

Nomos Tangente:

Odd Watches:

Omega Marine Chronometer (megaquartz):

Omega Speedmaster (in Danish):

Oysterworld quite good rolex information.

Once upon a time, at a watch show in Geneva..... (2004, many Panerai pics):

Ordering your COSC Certificate from Omega:

Oris Training, This is how a mechanical watch works (quiz):

Panerai, Interview with Angelo Bonati of Panerai:

Panerai History:

Panerai Club:
The Golden Gate Panerai Club

Patek Philippe Aquanaut:

PuristS trip to MJLC:

Railroad Time, Railroad Pocket Watches and the CPR:

Rantings about mechanical watches:

Redefining the Art of German Watchmaking, A visit to master watchmakers Dieter and Dirk Dornblueth:

Rolex Mobement Calibers.

Rolex Serial Numbers.

Rolex Dial And Bracelets etc.

Rolex, Charity: See also: and

Most things Rolex Omega on these below links.

Rolex automatic calibres.

Rolex, How tough is the SD? - My own test:

Rolex models when were they made

Rolex "Single Red" Seadweller:

Rolex, The "Prisoner of War" watches:

Russische Uhren und ihre Geschichte:

Seiko Basic Automatic Diver Lines, Economic Reliability and Durability...:

Seiko Divers Reference:

Seiko Prospex Shrouded Divers:

Seiko, The Seiko Diver's 200 Meter SKX779, about 7s26:

Seiko Thermic, The world's first watch that driven by body heat:

Seiko, Torture Test:

Seiko Institute of Horology, a visit to:

Seiko vs. Omega (diver review):

So You Want A Standard for Comparison, on quality:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Sinn 142 pages:

Soviet Space Watches, A Brief History of:

The Crown and the Cross, An essay on transparency and light, and heart (Rolex, Patek---and some philosophy):

Theorie Horlogerie:

Thrashing watches (The hardcore: Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm, Breitling SOP):

Type 20: French Military Chronographs:

Understanding Watch Crystals:

Using Your Ears When Buying Vintage Watches:

Vostok - an overview:;read=48885

Watch This Movie, Wristwatches In Movies, by Edward Heliosz:

Watch-Collector's Paradise (incl. dictionary):

Watches used in the British military:

Watches approved by NASA (Omega X33 and Speed Master, Casio G-Shock, and Timex Ironman):
Link to most of watch brand makers out there.

Water Resistance (TZ thread):

Who owns who in the watch industry...:

World's Most Complicated Wristwatch:

Chronophage (french):

Electron Microscope Images of Two Vintage Mechanical Wristwatches:


Minute Machines, beautiful photos of a 25 watches:

PAM111 next to a PRS-11:

Panerai Base:

Panerai, most of them:

Panerai: The Golden Gate Panerai Club

Rolex Ads:

Sinn 656, a brief photo essay of the inside (ETA 2824-2):

Speedmaster, 9 Speedmasters spread out:

SteveG's Watch Launchpad:

Watchscape, watch images:

Digital Sundials:


Diving Watches
French page about diver's watches:

Home Pages
Abbey Clock Clinic (Mark Headrick's Horology Page): Great free book on escapements and animations.

Billy Schoor, US military watches (Benrus, Elgin):

Chuck Maddox Watch articles:

COMEX diving watches (Rolex), Shin Anamitsu:

John B. Holbrook, II, page on Invicta and other good stuff, including how to regulate a 2824 movement:

Marc's Wristwatch Articles:

Militäruhren / Military Timepieces:

Per's Horology Site (author of Amateur Watchmaking):

Roger Rüegger (dive watches, in German):

Slide Rule Watches:

SteveG's Watch Launchpad (short reviews with beautiful pictures):

Swiss Watches:

Urban's watch weblog

Time 4 Watches:

Fora etc.
Amateur Watchmaking:

Connecting Watches, forum about good and bad guys:

Equation of time:

Equation of time, Ultimate Dive Watch Forum:

Big watch forum:

NAWCC Military Timepieces Forum:

Poor Man's Watch Forum (incl. T20PMW - Top 20):,

Royal Oak Club:

Time2Watch (reviews on divers):

Atomic Time, radio controlled watches:

Bill Yao's custom watches: In UK:

Cousins Material House, U.K. (they have luminova):

Dream Watches, Used exclusive watches:


International Dial Co. (redialing):

International Watch Works (custom work):

Joseph watches, vintage watches (in Spain):

Kseiya (Tokyo):


Montanas, tools from Germany, set for around 100 euro:

Officina Italia (straps by Bros Manifatture):

Roachman in Malaysia:

Russian Souvenirs (Frank Spar):

RLT watches, O & W, Poljot and others:

S-PARTS (Jurgen Straps), homepage does not contain much info, the email address is

ScWaCo (small danish company run by Dan, a nice guy I meet at a visit to the danish watch school):

Selva, tools and stuff from Germany (mostly for clocks):

Shenton Books:


Skywatches (Singapore):

Smirs (russian watches):

Subdial (danish, seiko5, casio g-shock etc.):

Tools and parts (us):

TZ toolshop:

Uhren Roemer (cases, rodico):

Uhrmageriget (vintage Omega in DK):


hr:WATCHES ($117 for one year international subscription, but one can get two years for one, rated as the worst of these three):

IWW (UK subscription not working yet, they have had ads for MA, and articles on MA): (

Watchtime Magazine ($51/$87/$123 for 6/12/18 magazines), should have the most serious articles:

Watch Companies
Links to watch companies:

Auguste Reymond

dFreemont, cheap automatics:

Fricker, watch cases (Hanhart, Marcello C., Muhle, Oris, Sinn, Tutima):


Kobold, utility watches a little Sinn-like:




Quinting (transparent quartz watches):

RGM Watches:


Stowa, pilot's watches (470+ euro):



Rockrolex 29 July 2005 10:21 PM

Wow. Quite a list, Padi. Thanks for putting it together. :thumbsup:

Uncle-AJ 29 July 2005 10:44 PM

Good work Padi. A list like that deserves it's own forum. :thumbsup:

padi56 29 July 2005 10:59 PM

well you can never have enough information.

Rockrolex 30 July 2005 12:09 AM

Ever hear of information overload? :agree:

JJ Irani 30 July 2005 04:54 AM


Originally Posted by Uncle-AJ
Good work Padi. A list like that deserves it's own forum. :thumbsup:

You can say that again.....LMAO!!! :chuckle: :chuckle:

Rockrolex 30 July 2005 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by JJ Irani
You can say that again.....LMAO!!! :chuckle: :chuckle:

OK. Good work Padi. A list like that deserves it's own forum. :thumbsup:

JJ Irani 30 July 2005 05:45 AM

You still remain Tosser No.1, my friend!! :chuckle: :chuckle:

Uncle-AJ 30 July 2005 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by Rockrolex
OK. Good work Padi. A list like that deserves it's own forum. :thumbsup:

Is there an echo in here? :chuckle:

JJ Irani 30 July 2005 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by Uncle-AJ
Is there an echo in here? :chuckle:

Hmmm....smooth walls! :lol:

Rockrolex 30 July 2005 10:42 PM

Is there an echo in here? :chuckle:

padi56 31 July 2005 03:42 AM

Think there are several. :banghead: :chuckle: :cheers:

Atomic 12 August 2005 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by Rockrolex
Is there an echo in here? :chuckle:

You think there's an echo in here? :agree:

padi56 16 August 2005 03:23 AM

Must be several

miner 24 August 2006 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by Atomic (Post 8345)
You think there's an echo in here? :agree:

In here in here in here in here....

miner 24 August 2006 04:45 PM

Who needs Google when we've got Padi??
Great list, many thanks.

Lol-x 31 August 2006 11:41 AM

WOW, that's a great list, thanks very much Padi!

I think I'll be doing a few extra hours reading, darn I need to get back to work!

Second thoughts, Padi why did you do this to me, I'll never be able to concerntrate at work today!

safwan 15 November 2009 10:59 PM

Great work, really helpful. Thanks a bunch.

ffighter556 17 March 2010 12:09 PM

Wow Thanks.

LuminousMaximus 5 December 2015 03:30 AM

I just found this...Wow! thanks for putting this all together for us... :cheers:




g...For quite some time...:read:

EdithAlba 31 December 2015 08:46 PM

is there any punjabi here?

raymz 30 September 2016 09:32 PM

Nice work.

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Capt Jack 20 June 2018 08:08 AM

any links on Military Tudors?

Capt Jack 20 June 2018 08:09 AM

particularly USN?

Capt Jack 20 June 2018 08:09 AM

I have a 7928 USN

thepopularjock 17 December 2018 11:51 PM

WOW!!! Thank you for compiling ALL THAT INFO!!!! :cheers:

tidds 28 May 2019 10:50 PM

good job. thnx for sharing

NESLO 15 December 2019 09:12 AM

Super work putting this together, thanks for sharing :dude:

VintageRadar 28 July 2020 12:20 AM

This is like the wiki of Rolex watches in case you want to find somethign about it.

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