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meloncap78 27 October 2020 06:28 PM

Ap 15400st
Not sure why but this watch just became my grail. Held some HD pics on my phone up to my wrist and it just looks stunning. I love my Hulk but I would almost dump it to get the AP....although I will not.

Fishrus 27 October 2020 07:05 PM

As a multiple rolex watch owner, the AP blows every single one away imo.

Rolex is like wearing a tool on your wrist but the AP is like wearing art on it.

MrJKLFoams 27 October 2020 08:45 PM

Its a beautiful piece and I tried one on the blue dial from one of the greymarket and it look stunning but it commands a high premium. I would pay retail but not the resell.

youthagainsttt 27 October 2020 09:06 PM

Well in practical terms I'd say if you have an office job it draws a lot of attention but its a great piece no doubt. Not my favourite watch in my collection tho, that's still my Piaget polo 45

macrowatch 27 October 2020 09:41 PM

Apologies in advance for having a new itch to scratch. Good luck in the search!

mjclark32 27 October 2020 10:51 PM

I’ve owned or worn just about every rolex model out there... I bought a 15400 blue in June (and a diver in September) it’s amazing. I’ll keep a rolex or two in my collection, but AP gets the most wrist time now.
It’s discontinued so the premium is basically built in, couldn’t care less though. Once it’s on the wrist it’s well worth it.
Good luck!

KBM 27 October 2020 11:31 PM

Hey Joshua, It's definitely a grail worthy piece. Enjoy the hunt!


Lamontsanders 28 October 2020 01:28 AM

Moving your Hulk for an AP isn't a bad move. Hulk is a special watch but an AP is an AP. Hard to go wrong here.

myporsche 28 October 2020 08:36 AM

I would rather add the AP RO to your Rolex. Yes, as others have said it's a work of art but that has disadvantages, it's doesn't feel like a do anything wear anytime watch, at least for me. I wouldn't wear it more than a night out or nice event unless you want it to get beat up and don't mind. It's sensitive and needs wrist awareness. The bracelet is another work of art. It's 100% worth owning and truly a grail piece but should be part of a larger collection. Also try it on, it's completely different than holding an iphone to your wrist.

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