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strapfreak 6 July 2017 02:19 PM

[Hot Items] Your PAM will be outstanding wearing this CARBON FIBER STRAP!
Hello Guys.. I have some collection of watch straps, please check it out.

Shipping worldwide, and payment can be made via Paypal
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

Price for $140 USD without buckle

If you want to order with buckle, let's talk directly since i have some buckle models you can choose :)

We can made it for almost any watches. We can make it for Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Rolex, IWC, Tag Heuer, Omega, Tudor, Bell and Ross, Seven Friday, Apple Watch, etc.

Please be noted that we can customize the straps, like changing the thread/stitching colour, style, etc. So, please tell us your idea. We will make it happen.

Here is some photos with different angle, different lighting, and different watches paired.

Carbon Fiber Straps

You can also make it combined with leather/other material (Leather/canvas/Louis Vuitton/Croco/etc). This is one of the example (Combined with canvas material) :

If you are interested or have any questions, please PM me or mail me at . I will reply as soon as possible.

Your support means a lot :)
Thank you so much

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