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TheVTCGuy 25 April 2021 05:49 AM

Can any Mod tell me why my thread was removed?
I posted it about two days ago, it was a picture of an envelope addressed to the Internal Revenue Service and stated (something like) “”there is a big check in here, anybody else have to pay for the first time in years?”

There were no political opinions, statements, complaints, I was merely pointing that it was a crazy 2020 and it still sucks. I had a couple responses that were all friendly and cordial, others lamenting that they too, had to send in a check.

If someone posted an inappropriate post that I missed I understand, but otherwise I don’t see what rule was broken or offense committed and would like to know why it completely disappeared.

Thank you,

TheVTCGuy 26 April 2021 02:46 AM

Is it really too much to ask for an explanation? I guess so.

FTX I 4 May 2021 08:24 AM

My joke on a guy that spent most his days drinking with working girls vanished recently. I smiled and thought alright that was probably too much lol

Knappo 1307 4 May 2021 10:50 AM

Paul, was Anna in the background?

GST15 3 July 2021 05:32 AM

Cancel culture is everywhere. Everything offends someone

Lol-x 4 July 2021 07:48 PM

I don't know.
It may have deemed pointless or seeking to procure financial information of other members.

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