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patlew22 3 November 2017 06:56 AM

installation of diamond bezel
New to forum trying to navigate through this but wondering if anyone can help. Purchased a nice 26mm oyster perpetual non date for my wife but she wants it to have a diamond bezel. I purchased a diamond bezel and can not find any installation information to DIY. Anyone know of any threads they can reference for me please. Thanks

tamiya 3 November 2017 12:40 PM

Short answer = they pry off like a hubcap

Long answer = if you don't have the proper tools, you'll likely do some irreparable damage...

jvmartin 13 November 2017 01:41 PM

I wouldn't recommend DIY... it requires special tools and know how... first the original bezel must be removed, which is easy and can be done with a razor blade... but then a special press must be used in order to secure the bezel... HOWEVER, the bezel might not be an exact fit and may need to be cut, also the gasket may need to be changed... if you press it down and and it is too tight the crystal can shatter and damage the movement and dial.... long story short... take it to a watchmaker... they shouldn't charge more than $50 and that would be on the high side!

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