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strapfreak 21 July 2017 12:03 AM

Recommendation for PAM Submersible watches! Look for some inspiration here! [part 3]

Hello, I am offering some of my handmade straps for your watches. All process are done with traditional methods, and I am specialized in Vintage Straps.

I can make customs for you, from length, width, thickness, edge style, stitching style, stitching color, and else. Just contact me directly here :

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Shipping Worldwide:
FedEx or EMS

Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, or any other method you prefer

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Notes :
All of the prices stated is without buckle. If you need any buckle, we can discuss via email since I have some models.

Please be noted that we can make it fit to almost any watch, so please mention your watch type to us ☺


These picture is tagged to give you idea of how the straps will look like in certain angle or certain lighting.

Canvas Blue Grey Washed ($100)

Bronzo ($168)

Canvas Brown ($100)

Canvas Dark Grey washed ($100)

Jampood ($148)

Jancoux 3 ($133)

Karung Serie ($140)

Louis Vuitton Graphite ($220)

Medelin Serie ($148)

Minimalist Black ($100)

Minimalist Caitlin 6 ($100)

Soklaad ($148)

Please check back often because I will add new variants periodically. If you don't find any straps that you like above, or look for any other style and colour, simply contact us directly here : and we will help you recommend the best straps that suit your watch.

Your support means a lot for us :)

Thank you so much

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