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Just saw this post on that Australian buys sell group. A lot of key information was left out. And unfortunately, it just an announcement with comments being disabled.


As some of you may be aware, I recently had a few issues with a lost shipment to a buyer.

From that moment I worked through sorting another for the person, which unfortunately took a lot longer than anticipated.

Coming to the end of the road with the buyer and after a long list of delays, I decided to hand over one of my pieces that I had for some time, a piece that I planned to keep long term.

After shipping the watch, the persons friend (buyer wasn’t in Australia at the time) received it. Not long after receiving the watch, the buyers friend noted that there were some issues with the watch. The buyer contacted me and then questioned its authenticity.

Although I was surprised, to save any further delay for the buyer, we worked through an agreement for the watch and funds to be returned. Upon the arrival of the watch back to me, I issued the funds back to the buyer. I would not issue a full refund until the watch was back with me.

I have inspected the watch that the buyer returned and it is a fake.

I feel sick, stupid, upset, and frustrated that I’ve potentially passed on a fake watch to a buyer. As most of you are aware I am trying to grow HH, I would not intentionally jeopardise that.

As a result I will be stepping away as Admin after building this group for over 3 years and working through.

I do apologise to anyone let down by this.

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