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Originally Posted by Michigan_State View Post
I was actually referring to your statement that 16,000,000 (in words: sixteen million) dying in the US alone is not bad, but likely very good for the world. Makes my head spin Or am I misunderstanding, then please excuse.
I knew what you were referring to.

This is all about perspective. And the amount of people dying I think is horrendous and it breaks my heart.

But I believe I am thinking bigger picture than you are. My perspective. Please don't take offense as none is intended.

What happens when we burn through all of our natural resources? What happens we completely pollute our oceans? What happens when we completely demolish all the rain forests?

I can ask these questions all day. There are a ton of them.

I am of the mindset in that we (as a species) feel it is our responsibility and even our "right" to procreate and consume whatever it is we want.

We are destroying the natural habitats of thousands of species. We are creating smog over many cities. We are consuming more animals at a faster rate than they can possibly reproduce.

If something does not change, something WILL change eventually.

I am not happy about any of this situation. I cant express enough how much I think it is horrifying. It breaks my heart. I am right outside the epicenter. I am seeing it all and I am directly everyone eventually will be.

But our species is a plagues in and of itself. All we do is consume with no thought to what our actions do. As long as we are taking care of ourselves right? Who cares about world or the animals or the fish or the trees of the world, right?

As long as we can do whatever we want do to, we simply don't care about the repercussions. That is an absolute fact. You simply cant dispute it. As a species we just don't care about our actions and the repercussions of them as long as we get what we want.

We are caring now though right? Less people means less destruction (of everything) and therefore means a longer platform for the species.

Sorry. But when you look at the bigger picture of literally everyone dying due to zero resources, yes, based on a certain perspective 16,000,000 is not that bad.

Horrifying on the small scale. Less so in the bigger picture.
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