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Here is the group shot. Couldn't not do it now!

Left to right...and expeditions/history. Notes.

1.submariner. Date. First watch bought. It's been to Iceland, Norway, greenland, South America. Had several services.
2.Deep Sea. No expedition history.
3. Sea Dweller. Antarctic.
4. Explorer 1. My dad's old watch. Been to Norway and Iceland.
5. Explorer 2. Norway.
6. Explorer 2. Black dial. Norway and Antarctica.
7. GMT 2. Antarctica. Engraved on back with South Pole enscription.
8. Explorer 1. (New) no expedition history other than UK expeditions.
9. Patek 5227. Last watch bought. Used as everyday watch. Already scratched in several place
10. Explorer 2. (New) White dial, default watch for work at present. No overseas history
11. Explorer 2. (New) Black dial, admired a lot. Going to Iceland this summer and greenland next summer.
12. Patek 5172g. With brown leather strap; looks better than the black. Only UK travel.
13. Patek 5070. Special occasions. My dad's watch.
14. IWC spitfire. A present from my dad when I got to the pole.

So that's that. It has taken me 27 years, and I would not buy another watch. Over the years I have had a Daytona and Panerias, yet in the end I have focused on the 'expedition' watches.
All the Rolexes are from the same AD who is now a friend!
Patek is not a brand I ever wanted as they are so expensive, but my dad left me the 5070. Owning one you realise how special they are.
They are from the same AD- different one to the Rolex.. And he to is a friend; and in June am off to Patek for a two day your of the factory!!

Each watch is scratched and chipped, done more than others; they all get scratched on the top right at 2 o'clock when used in anger..
But they are the history of my life and travels.

That's what watches are for; not just for recording the time; but our own travel through that time.

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