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Originally Posted by Star Ferry View Post
Shouldn't the adjective be "proletarian" ?

An unsure prole
You are correct.

Originally Posted by singe89 View Post
Goyard and LV here with the edge going to goyard. However I really like the look of this! How is the quality vs your LV Epi?
Epi wears like a tank and probably will wear better because it is all leather.

Originally Posted by Headshrinker View Post
You have great taste, my friend.

Originally Posted by mjclark32 View Post
Looks great!
I've looked into buying one of their card holders/small wallets, but never went through with it.
How much was it? Let us know how you like it over a couple of months? How it holds up etc.
Okay, will do.

Originally Posted by rr-nyc View Post
Faure Le Page has an interesting history.
Yes, great history, and excellent service. My wife's 37cm "Battle" Tote is on the way.

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