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Here is my personal experience.
I sold a cellphone on Ebay.
2 weeks after delivery, buyer contact me claiming the phone was damaged. All I had were pictures of the phone. I knew I shipped him a good phone. But really no way to prove it. Ebay even told me that they will always favor the buyer under their Money Back Guarantee. So, Ebay asked the buyer to ship the phone back to me. They took the fund out of my Paypal account to refund the buyer and charged me for return shipping. I did not get a tracking number till 10 days later. And here comes the interesting part. When I got the package. It was an empty phone box with only ear piece and the charging plus. Buyer even removed the sticker with serial number and IMEI on the phone box. That's when I know he was definitely a scammer.
Luckily, Ebay also has a seller protection. I reported to Ebay that buyer sent an empty box. So Ebay pay me back out of their own pocket. But this is one time only and they did not refund me the return shipping.

If your watch was indeed sold on Ebay, I think it is going to be hard to win the case. 1. No proof that you shipped the watch with the serial number matching the warranty card. 2. Since the buyer used the "no matching serial numbers" claim against you, he/she can send back a fake watch and said that's the watch you sent. Unless he/she is dumb enough to not send anything back. Then you may able to file a case against the buyer. Ebay really is not a safe place to sell high price items.
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