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Originally Posted by mluther View Post
Thanks Vincent - by the way, noticed that you have some stunning NATOs - your meters first with the grey admirality strap - gorgeous. Would you mind letting me know where you get your NATOs?
Thanks, although my 1680 is f-first.

The grey NATO I currently use on it is from 'Crown & Buckle' - it has stitched fastenings for the metal parts, which have black (PVD) coating, if that's the one you mean...

I also buy nylon straps from Gnomon.

I think both those suppliers are excellent. I have owned a couple of 'Phoenix' admiralty grey straps, and, although I really love the colour, I have found the quality to be a little under par (both the buckle and the weave in the nylon), and the holes/spacing is not right for my wrist-size.
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