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Originally Posted by _speedmaster_ View Post
While not the explicit purpose of the thread, you can still form a well grounded opinion on a watch after a few minutes. I'm assuming you agree...or do you forgo trying on watches before you buy them?

Or, is your qualm that we are not answering the thread's specifically stated question verbatim, which you somehow see as an affront to the sanctity of thread etiquette?

I agree that while not explicitly stated, many of us here have researched a particular watch for hours including listings, articles, and video reviews to the point where we are certain it is the next “incoming!” But when you actually see it and try it on your wrist, something about it just doesn’t work.

The 38mm Zenith Tri-color chronograph had the smaller size I like along with its iconic history and movement. It looks fantastic in pictures but when I tried it on it just didn’t sing to me. Luckily I waited to try it on before just buying it.

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