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Originally Posted by Nanuq View Post
Can you post the same photo tilted so we see them from about a 45 degree elevation above the plane they lie on?

Until then, "B" is gen low dome,
"D" and "E" are supposed to be gen superdome but are not,
"A" and "C" are aftermarket.

Here's a comparison I did... genuine service replacement T39 on the left, genuine Superdome T39 in the middle and aftermarket Superdome T39 on the right. The clarity of both Superdomes is very good but I found there's a toroid "ring" effect when viewing the aftermarket at an angle that isn't present on the genuine domed piece. You can see it in the final picture:
See attached picture below (top row to bottom row = steepest to shallowest angle). Seems the angle really impacts how much distortion is perceived. To clarify, did you mean the the middle one in your picture is aftermarket -- that one seems to have the distortion ring but perhaps I'm not understanding what you mean by "toroid ring".

Originally Posted by Nanuq View Post
Those are very nice photos Emanuele. If you have a micrometer, can you measure something for me?

Comparing the T19 and T39, what is the "thickness" of the clear dome, in the middle and at the edge? I do not mean the vertical lip, I mean the part you look through to read the time.
Not exactly what you asked, but for the T19s at least, here are some measurements using a Mitutoyo digital caliper.

Diameter / Height from highest part of dome to bottom edge (mm):
A 30.3 / 6.25
B 30.3 / 6.65
C 30.3 / 6.55
D 30.3 / 6.65
E 30.2 / 6.25
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