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Originally Posted by peterdavid911 View Post
Hi everyone,
I am looking to buy a Superdome crystal for my 5513 MK1 Maxi dial.
I know that the T19 is used on the 5513 but I want to know if the T39 also fits the 5513 or are they different diameters?
Reason I ask is that the T39 is so much more domed than a T19 and I like the magnified markers on the maxi looking very maxi:)

Technically you can install a T39 on a 5513 as they are of the same diameter, but it will be sitting taller than a T19. This is because the T39 is designed for SD which has thicker bezel ring.

No doubt that the side distorsion of the T39 will make the indices look larger, but once you look at the side you'll see that the dome doesn't sit flush to the bezel ring (i.e slightly raised).
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