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Need recommendations: bombproof, no leaks, thicker (and not super hard) grip, and a s

I might be hunting for a unicorn here, but Im hoping someone here can steer me in the right direction.

Id like a pen that:

Has a bit of a thicker grip. But, theres a but... finding something comfortable is a bit of a problem for me. Im missing part of my index finger, so that when I grip a pen, its mostly in contact with bone. So smooth, hard surfaces hurt like hell after some use. Ive had good luck with textured barrels, better luck with non-round pens (e.g hexagonal), and the best luck with coated or soft barrels, which I assume wont be found on a nice pen

Absolutely will not leak - my briefcase cost more than my first car (and my first Omega, now that I think about it). I think this entirely rules out fountain pens.

Has panache? Maybe that sounds obnoxious, how about: Suitable for a senior tech professional who still uses paper and meets with all sorts (literal scientists, design professionals, engineers, and business minded folk) It doesnt have to be buttoned-up conservative at all given what I do, but Id really like something nice.

I really appreciate any suggestions folks here might have. So, thanks in advance.
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