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Hello chaps !

New member on the forum, based out of Manila.

Watch enthusiast since 2010, I've been through different phases and brands in my watch interest journey: starting with a classic Seiko (SKX013), moving to Tag Heuer (first "serious" watch - Carrera 2010), Nomos (Metro gauge reserve, gorgeous and simple design to me), Omega (PO 2500 - I love it).
Recently I have been discovering a attraction for a brand that I was not a fan before: Rolex.
At first it symbolized maybe the shiny and too visible watch, but for a watch "amateur", it goes beyond I think, and defines something closer to excellence.
Several models have been getting my attention, as the Explorer 1 ((1)14270), the Milgauss (tried and unfortunately too big for my tiny wrist - 6.5') and also the classic Oyster Perpetual in 36mm.

First of all, I am here to learn more from very knowledgeable people on the brand itself, experiences and stories from all of you on particular models and hopefully brings some contribution to this famous forum. Finally of course, decide myself on the exact Model i would go for, despite my serious interest for the Explorer and the simplicity it expresses.

Happy week-end to all !

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