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Originally Posted by Cabaiguan View Post
If I needed to keep just two watches, my GMT and Speedy would be it. The perfect complement to one another.
I agree with this. But if it were just one, it would probably be the GMT Master, even though I feel like I have to get an engineering degree to set it every time I let it stop.

Having said that, I think the Sub/GMT is a very different watch than Speedy. It’s frankly less accurate by a noticeable margin. But it’s also a lot tougher. I’ve twice had serious service needed for relatively short drops with the Rolexes, which I’ve come to regard as relatively fragile. I think you could use the real Moonwatch as a hockey puck.

I also think it’s really hard to separate the NASA history from the Speedmaster Moonwatch, at least for me. I grew up in the 60s and that’s a huge part of its appeal to me. Apart from that, it’s just another chrono, manual wind at that, and not an exceptional timekeeper. For me, the Moonwatch *is* it’s history.
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