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Originally Posted by Phooi View Post
I bought my wife a silver snoopy speedmaster that she loves. When I compare it to my rolexes (subC & SS SkyD), I donít think any less of the speedmaster. I guess maybe because itís the snoopy so itís got some great detailing and that beautiful white dial.

Iíve worn the watch when she lets me and itís got great wrist presence and is comfortable. I wouldnít hesitate to add one in your collection.

Something you might want to consider is one of the ceramic speedmasters. I tried on a grey side of the moon with the meteorite dial. Itís spectacular and unique with the meteorite dial, gold bezel, and full ceramic body and deployment. Hereís a photo but the image is a little blown out. It was darker at the store.

I was very close to getting that meteorite grey side. Ended up going with the Apollo 8 and love it.

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