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Originally Posted by F83 View Post
Well letís see... Keep in mind I love my Speedy (and have money down on a 50th Anniversary two tone Speedy) but...

1). Rolex fit and finish is impeccable. Now in fairness, Omega is also really good - I have a Planet Ocean as well and the fit and finish is excellent. But to my eye the Rolexes are a cut above the PO - and the PO is a cut above the Speedy

2). Rolexes are indestructible. Speedys are not. Play tennis or golf, go through airport security 10 times and then swim in the ocean all day. The GMT Master II and the Sub are still keeping perfect time. My Speedy wouldnít be.

3). Rolex has much more badge value. You can decide if you like that or not but they do. Itís not even close.

4). Rolex (especially Steel) has dramatically better resale. The damn things are almost like putting money in the bank as long as you keep care of them. Not so with Speedys.

5). My Rolexes keep better time. Speedy isnít bad but the Rolexes are ridiculous. Only my Grand Seiko Snowflake (Spring Drive) beats them on accuracy.

It sounds like Iím hating on the Speedy - Iím not. I wear mine and love it mostly because of the iconic nature of the dial, and the fact that it works in so many different situations.

But I do consider my Rolexes to be a cut above - just as I consider my AP Royal Oak 15400 to be a cut above the Rolexes. Thereís a tiering to these things that (to me) is pretty obvious when you have them side by side.

In same exact position, have a vintage Speedy and waiting for my 50th Apollo to come in.
Love my Speedy but it doesn't beat out my BLNR. So if one had to go it would be the Speedy. But make no mistake Speedies are great watches with great historical value. If you get a nice vintage one you will be very happy with it.
The new Speedies aren't bad either but I love the vintage versions better.
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