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Originally Posted by Gray_Panther View Post
Will buying Patek’s from resellers, and then after x amount of years you send your Patek in for service to Patek, will Patek give you a service card/paper with your name on it?

If so, wouldn’t that officiate you as the new owner of the time piece in their system/archives?
I would hope so...
They will give you a "service card/paper" with your name on it. Its not a card but the paper receipt of your bill showing the work done in your name and which serves as a one year warranty on the watch after repair to you.

I do not believe you can register the watch in your name if the original owner has already done so. If the paperwork to register is still in the wallet, you should send it in and see what happens. Having the watch serviced in no way alone registers the watch. I do not believe PP tracks watches by who has them serviced.
I do believe they run the numbers against their stolen watch registry whenever they receive a watch for service. So good news there for you.
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