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Originally Posted by haven_seeker View Post
I'm not certain on the threat level of the virus itself, I think the reaction of the public and the world at large has been nothing short of hysterical on every level. I'm not sure anything in this world is this bad that each nation has reacted to it to the level that they have.
I think seeing the healthcare systems of entire countries and major cities overwhelmed by death and critical illness has something to do with a feeling in the world that this is bad. Makeshift hospitals set up in arenas and parks. Refrigerated trucks parked next to hospitals for body storage. Funeral directors overwhelmed with the dead. Healthcare workers dying of the disease they fight. As a lifelong healthcare worker, yes, these things have me extremely concerned. Have I seen hysteria? Not yet. But I think we will.

I frequently wonder as I navigate this thread, what exactly WOULD qualify as bad to many of the posters here?
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