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Originally Posted by joeychitwood View Post

I frequently wonder as I navigate this thread, what exactly WOULD qualify as bad to many of the posters here?
I don't think anyone thinks that the deaths and the ones to come are not tragic.

But this is a pandemic and there will be thousands of deaths as a matter of reality. Where the differences of opinion come in is how we manage death vs economic chaos.

And we haven't had that many deaths YET and no real economic chaos YET. But we will.

You are exactly right about leveling the curve as you stated from the beginning, and that is happening to some extent as hospitals and science ramps up the supplies and research.

But the bottom line still is, without a vaccine, WHEN do we open the doors? And how bad will it be.

Everyone wants the same outcome. Wind us back 6 months. But that isn't gonna happen so how do we handle and manage our new reality.

Listening to my wife talk to her corporate peeps and the messaging from corporate, and the general atmosphere makes me think that the public seems to think that when the restrictions get released in the next month or two or three, that then we are back to normal.

It's astounding the denial. When the restrictions are released we are then in the eye of the hurricane. Then IT ALL STARTS for real.
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