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Today's Vintage Find!

I admit it, I like the vintage watches with a lot of wear. As long as they work mechanically, I really don't care what they look like, especially if they come with a good history.

I picked this one up this morning- an early 1968 Bulova Snorkel "Devil Diver". This was, in fact, a Snorkel, but at that time they did not put Snorkel on the dial. They did, however, put "Waterproof- 666 Feet" on the dial, hence the nickname.

This one had a period correct, but wrong model steel bracelet on it. I removed that and put on a rather weathered nylon strap from a Timex military watch that had seen some time in Iraq on the wrist of a US Marine. The Bulova came from a dealer who had acquired it from the original owner's son. The Bulova has seen some time in Vietnam during the war. Don't really care if it saw combat, I feel pretty honored to be the current owner.

The bezel markers faded long ago. The dial is nicely tropical, with creamy lume plots that still glow after 51 years. Signed crown and "ballerina back" as well.

I had been excited about the vintage Doxa dress watch I have on the way, but this one really takes the cake.

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