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Originally Posted by kingblackbolt View Post
Hey all,

Just wanted a few expert opinions on the Omega Co-Axial. I have had many differeing opinions on why this movement is better and worse and have heard of the problems with the initial run... but what do you think?

I know this movement is already replacing the old reliable in a few Omega lines and in turn increasing their prices dramatically!

So ho many out there own one and what is your review? Is it really worth the $$$???

Myself quite a fan of the CO-Axial movement have a Omega Aqua Terra white dial a very accurate well put together watch.Omega did have some tolerance problems in the early days (the impulse jewel on the lever would sometimes hit the crossings of the escape wheel). They also had a problem with an incorrect setting on the lubrication machine used during assembly, which led to over oiling the escape wheel on some movements. In use, the oil would creep down to the pinion and onto the intermediate wheel.All these problems have been addressed and all because Omega would not heed the advice of George Daniels.

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