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I found another TRF thread about this same topic through google - - and **yes** I did do search on TRF for my topic before posting, but it didn't come up ... google search FTW.

I combined those recommendations with the Bergeon watch crown winder I was looking at previously. My final list is below for those that may be interested:

Bergeon 30409 Watch Crown Winder Tool (Got the #30409B because my crown diameter is 5.5mm)

Horofix Generic Rolex® 2100 Type Bracelet Adjusting Tool (Bracelet Clasp Adjusting)

Bergeon 6767-F Watch Band Tool Swiss Spring Bar Tool (for future no OQ refs)

Watch Band Pin Remover Tool Little Giant for Friction Watch Pins (Remove/Add links that use pin/sleeves)

Total was $111, not bad to have the ability to the basics at home !
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