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Originally Posted by NumbersGuy View Post
Hello all,

My name is Anthony and I have a Patek addiction.

I simply wanted to say hi and share some photos. I recently acquired the 3940 and intend to wear it daily. I am getting married in a few weeks so the 5196 will be on duty for the special day. I'm just a young buck so please excuse (and politely correct) me if I am misinformed. I look forward to talking (typing) to everyone!

I LOVE the 3940.
I love everything it stands for. Perfect design. Under-the-radar. NOT a sports watch, perfect movement and case, small size.
It's no wonder that De Niro wears these.
And Connor McGregor wears a Nautilus.

Love the 5196 too. In fact, I'm going to buy the R and wear it every day.

Lovely watches both.
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