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Contemplating trade

Hello. I have never owned a Breitling, but I have always liked the Navitimer, usually the white dial versions.

I wasn't really considering one right now, and actually had gone to my jeweler to talk about putting my Tudor Pelagos (blue) on consignment.

I got such a decent deal on it, I wouldn't lose much; and don't want to deal with shipping or auctions right now. The owner says he might just buy it for his personal collection to wear as a work beater. Keep the Rolex's he has for weekends.

I would do the same, but every time I want to wear a blue watch anymore; I go for my Bluesy. ANYWAY.....

Then he hits me with a deal I am intrigued by. Take the Tudor in trade on a Breitling Navitimer. Its on a black leather strap with white stitching with deployant, but I'm not sure what model or size it is at the moment. I think its this one....

Navitimer B01 46 But I'm not 100% sure. What I do know is that he said it was basically never worn, and was almost 9K USD when new. I cant remember if it has the GMT function or if its an older model or newer in house movement.

Maybe this one?

I will definitely find out the exact model. But the point is, he wants my Pelagos and 2500 cash for the Breitling. Basically I'd be out 5200 bucks total (price I paid for the pelagos and 2500 bucks.)

This seems like a great deal.... I've not seen any for under 5700 ish, so I know I'm doing ok. I already have a 1st gen black Planet Ocean Chrono XL 45.5 mm, so I don't have to do it. But a white dial (panda?) chrono would look great. I don't really own any white dial watches other than a cheap Seiko monster.

What say you?
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