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Great links Johnny. I have a few questions for ya.

1) What's the difference, if any between the straps you listed and getting a similar OEM strap?

2) I think I recall you stating before that the Greg and Gabo are two of the better aftermarket straps. If so, why? I could be wrong and maybe you stated that they were just personal favs.
John's covered it nicely, but just to add to it....

While the OEM straps are great quality, personally I find them rather 'thin'. It's just my personal preference for a thicker, more robust (looking) strap. The other thing is BNIB OEM straps are freakin' expensive for what you get. Like US$200-300 a strap or more! In my mind, for the same money you can get way better straps, since OEM straps are made by Hirsch, but the price is inflated cuz they're embossed with 'Panerai'.. much like a Rolex or JLC strap is three times more than what the same would cost from the actual manufacturer.

Personally, i wouldn't pay much more than US$100 for a strap. It's a piece of leather you'll sweat on, get dirty, smelly and eventually throw away. I've read on 'risti about guys who have dropped US$800 on A SINGLE strap!!!! I'm sure it's nice but come on...

Greg and Gabo straps are, as John said, quite historic looking with the tanning of the leather and the big, thick design. Gabo doesn't finish the sides of their straps, so they have a distressed look built in. Plus, as the Gabo ages, the leather actually tans (much like Louis Vuitton leather) and get darker. Mine has already darkened a shade.

Since I only have one Panny, I prefer to have mine on thick, historic looking straps. If I had a contemporary Panny, or a more dressy Panny, I'd likely go a different route, as I think the OEMs look great on those models. But for a vintage (?) 01 like mine, I think the thick straps suit it best.
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