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This morning I got two emails from TRF members saying they had sent me a message....but there was no message in the body of the email, nor did I have any private messages here. After I started this thread, I got an email AND PM from a third user here. I responded and after a couple of messages back and forth it seemed he had gotten an email/PM from my username responding to HIS message about a "watch I was selling." Unfortunately I wasn't selling said watch. I then went to my "threads started" page and found in addition to the Ennebi I was trying to sell starting over a week ago, there was two more ads in my username, one for an AP and one for a BLNR. I looked at them and they were both stolen text and pictures from ads I'd seen here from other users. An email was given for contact and it used a similar email name to mine but to a Gmail account, not my true email. I clicked the warning symbol on both and they were taken down quickly. If Rob or Larry wants the names of all of the other users involved I have them, via PM, email, or post here if you think I should.
I'm not a newbie internet user, I honestly cannot recall ever logging into TRF except via my own devices. I had what I thought was a long enough, unusual enough password and I wasn't using it anywhere else. There was however one kind of weird event earlier in the week.
Someone emailed me with questions about the Ennebi I had listed for sale. He sent a link with RolexForums in the URL showing me his collection allegedly but I couldn't pull it up. I mentioned that and asked what his username was and he never gave it. I did send him some additional information and pictures of the watch, but again nothing that I can imagine would have helped him tap into my account here. After several back and forths, he no longer continued the conversation....but again I've had that in proposed sales before. I'm really freaked out about this. I'm new to posting here much but have been on a couple of other watch sites as regulars for as long as 20+ years. Don't want my good name sullied by some scammer. Again if any of the mods want more information that what I have given here, please contact me offline.
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