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Fake 6538 Dial? Begging for help please...

I posted about another fake the other day from this guy. Now I see that he is selling fake dials as well.

By allowing him to continue to sell fake dials, the vintage Rolex market will become watered down with higher inventory that is of suspicious origin.

Trust will be eroded. If we don't act as a team and make multiple reports about this guy and any others who are selling fake dials, then the value of vintage pieces will go down and the buyers who are willing to buy vintage pieces will go down.

The time to take action and step in is now. I hope I'm not over-stepping my boundaries by attempting to get others to join this cause.

The fakes have to stop. It will destroy consumer confidence in the pre-owned and vintage market places. Please go to the link and report this guy. Hopefully with enough reports, he will get banned from ebay.
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