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Montblanc vs Graf von Faber Castell ballpoint pens wich is better for everday use?

I am looking for a nice ballpoint pen for everyday use. I am using it for my study Mechanical engineering.
I was looking at either a Montblanc Meisterstuck classique ballpoint pen or a Graf von Faber Castell classic ballpoint pen Platinum.
I know they both use 10 dollar refills but which ballpoint would be better for everday use? Also, alot of pens are made of "precious resin" but I red that this scratches very fast,
Graf von Faber castell has ballpoint pens from Platinum, will these also scratch? Does one of these brands write smoother or last longer? I dont bother about the price.
I know Montblanc is very well recognised but Graf von Faber Castell also looks very high quality. Both brands are German, which would we the best for everyday use?
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