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Originally Posted by Blansky View Post
I think this is actually true.

Lockdown stops panic. Lockdown buys time. Lockdown spreads out the cases. Lockdown saves a few lives.

But until a vaccine, roughly the same number of people will die from it. Because you can't stay in lockdown for many more months.

As has been said, we are just spreading out the hospitalized rate to handle it more slowly.
Yes, let's imagine what things would be like without a forced shutdown. People start getting sick, then people start dying. Many businesses will act on their own, as the NBA and J.P. Morgan did. Some will stay open, including some bars/restaurants, which will be hotspots for transmission. Depending how many people refuse to show up to work at those places, the end result could be similar to a forced shutdown. And once people realize the hospitals are overrun, they'll be extra afraid of getting sick -- because at that point, being sick enough to truly need a hospital would be a death sentence.

maybe the above wouldn't happen everywhere, but it could happen in big cities
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