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Originally Posted by JasoninDenver View Post
My only issue with the viewpoint of “we need to get back to business” is simply that this viewpoint is the natural progression of those who initially thought this was a hoax, then advanced to believing that was no worse than the regular flu and now say our mitigation efforts are doing more harm than good.

The holders of these opinions have been consistently wrong because their opinions are not based on anything more than a “feeling”.

Similarly, no one here has been able to offer anything more than speculation that the effects of a shutdown are going to be worse than the effects of a pandemic let loose with no social distancing.
For many people the effects are indeed no worse or even less than the flu. Then you have the other side of the coin especially for people who are obese, diabetic, heart disease, etc.

You are trying to speak in absolutes about a virus that has many different risk profiles. That sure sounds like “feelings” to me.
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