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Originally Posted by ronricks View Post
For many people the effects are indeed no worse or even less than the flu. Then you have the other side of the coin especially for people who are obese, diabetic, heart disease, etc.

You are trying to speak in absolutes about a virus that has many different risk profiles. That sure sounds like “feelings” to me.
I have always viewed the “absolute” in terms that this is a serious virus but that it does affect different populations differently.

My earlier post made it clear that one person had very little problems with the effects while her husband felt like death for two weeks. Both were extremely healthy young athletes. Both will tell you that this is serious.

My personal “feelings” are that people are not taking this seriously enough, even on my own block. Well, until about 8:00 pm last night.

Do you feel this is not serious? If so, why not?

I am always open to different viewpoints but some of the arguments I have seen range from baseless conspiracy theories about 5g and/or a world domination plot.

Some people with whom I disagree with on fundamentals posit very reasonable views on how to start ramping back up the economy.
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