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Originally Posted by JasoninDenver View Post
Thanks Seth.

I do not want to attack anyone and I have certainly learned from many peoples viewpoint here to the extent that that they have been based on a developing views of the best evidence that we have at the moment.

To the extent that I have offended anyone, please let me apologize.

I feel that most peoples viewpoints here have evolved throughout this, including my own. This is the benefit of this discussion.

Very, very few posters have had radical viewpoints here on this forum. Most on both sides have had very reasoned arguments for their opinions and even evolved with the changing facts. Some have not and that really does frustrate me. I will be respectful, but never shy away from calling out inconsistencies. I welcome all to do the same to me as well so that my opinions can evolve as I am exposed to new facts.

I should note that, outside of this forum, I have listened to friends, neighbors and even family members express some crazy a*# stuff.

My own brother stated that medical professionals are an acceptable casualty in exchange for not shutting down the economy. Even as he realized my wife is one of those dealing with this directly.

I only hope that by me expressing my viewpoint that I can really force people to think about the factual basis for their opinions. Again, to the point that I have offended anyone, please accept my apologies.

no sir. no apologies needed. none at all!!!

in fact, nothing but respect and appreciation for your posts, most especially this one.

and yeah, I agree there is a lot of crazy out there right now. on so many levels in so many ways. and of course a lot of emotion is tied into all this. every day I am checking in on my family. and everyday, I am checking in on friends that have this. and everyday I have people checking in on me.

its all crazy scary.

personally, this thread has gone sideways a few times. that is completely understandable. thankfully we have all kept it on track and we are still here. and for the most part it truly has been a great learning experience for many of us.

I am grateful to your contributions of that. thank you.
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