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Panerai aftermarket straps

A big part of the fun of owning a panerai is the choice in straps. There are loads of good strap suppliers out there, here are some of my faves:

The infamous DON:

Mario Paci and TC straps:

BOB straps and WACCEX buckles:

Panatime straps, buckles and accessories:

Strap Culture:

Watch Prince:

Corley straps and storage/travel boxes:

There are others I would recommend who don't have sites, but can be sourced in the Accessories section of and they are:

Molina Straps (via SteveToronto)
Kurt - The Watch Boys
Greg Stevens, for big, thick vintage straps
Gabomagic for big thick vintage straps that tan with age
Micah's Vintager

Happy hunting!
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