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Originally Posted by freefly View Post
Looks OK from here, but I'd want to pop the back as well, just for peace of mind.
The winding issue was probably just as you thought. It was likely already fully wound and you are hearing/feeling the "clicks" as the mainspring slips to the next notch inside the barrel.
This is a sort of a built-in "clutch" feature to prevent over-winding.

Regarding the "missing" reference number on the bracelet end-link: Yes it's normal. The bracelet reference number should be stamped on the inside of the clasp blade (along with the date code) and on the inside of the SEL link (also with the date code). You will have to remove the bracelet to see/confirm the latter. That is something I would do anyway, as I'd also want to confirm the case reference number and make sure the SN matches the papers.
Thank you!
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