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Originally Posted by thekman View Post
No. I want an Octa Lune or CS. I also asked what are steps to develop a relationship in general and all they could say was keep dropping in and come to events.

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I was referred by someone to the boutique as I also donít live close by one. He did not own any FPJ watches but is interested about the brand and since he lives close by the boutique so he went in and got invited to some events. The feeling he got is that the boutique arranges events to better know their potential collectors and to screen for flippers. So attending one event may help to let them know you better.

I never bought any piece from the boutique as my only FPJ was bought from an AD out of the country. But when I inquired about getting a CS, I was told my name will be on the list and will find out about timeline at the end of year when the allocation comes in. (Being warned that it can be quite a wait)
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