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Since she doesn't like any of the womens models, sure go for it Lots of women are wearing men's models these days. The fact that it will be on a NATO is good, because it won't be too lose and flopping around on her wrist. I think large watches look great on some women and not so great on others. I just don't care for it if the lugs are hanging way over the wrist and the watch is worn too loose & flopping around all over the place. That's just me though :/
Either way, it is definitely not strange to see a lady wearing a men's sized model Rolex these days. If she's comfortable with it and loves the look, then it's time to enjoy that Sub We ladies are lucky that men's watches are considered unisex today

Our Sub Date on my wrist ;) I haven't been brave enough to wear it yet, but hopefully soon. I'm still only wearing my 31mm DJ. Waiting on a 36mm DJ that I'll hopefully be comfortable to wear. More watches for the husband, means more for me as his watches fit me close enough
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