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As a final note, letís quickly discuss the new models and their bezels. The menís presidents as discussed earlier can now have a 52 stone yellow gold diamond bezel (pic marked 52). All modern bezels are hallmarked with the Rolex coronet on the back and it is easy for any watchmaker to remove it and check it. Information on new models is also much more available on the net these days and known examples of the model number should exist if you search the net.

Menís / ladies Masterpieces and ladies Pearl masterís models changed everything with new bezels being introduced. They are now so varied I cannot list them all, but information is freely available, you should match the model number to the bezel set up via freely available information on the net. None of the special bezels Pearl Master and Master Piece bezels are available for individual sale.

Here are a few changes I have noticed and a few photos.

Menís bezels diamond count reduced down to 40 larger diamonds in platinum and yellow gold masterpieces and a 42 baguette cut diamond bezel.
Ladies masterpieces diamond count reduced to 32 larger diamonds. Many other new designs such as double rowed set bezels have now been released as shown in the photo below.
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