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Originally Posted by Fleetlord View Post
People who sign the waiver can be out in the community...the key is if they contract COVID-19, then they won't be eligible for medical treatment for it, so the the medical system won't have to deal with them. Sounds very harsh, I know...but that way they can do as they please and not burden or endanger medical workers due to their choices...

The people who don't sign the waiver, have to stay home and not mess about. That way they don't co-mingle with the the others who want to get moving on with it.

This way people who want to get moving and grooving can, people who want to steer clear of the virus, can and the medical workers aren't overly exposed.

Just an idea to get people what they want and some movement in the economy. This is just an outline...needs some tweeking for different contingencies...
People who sign that waiver would not care about the affect on others and would do what they want to do. This is the main problem we have now.
If all the distancing and other requirements were being carried out by everyone things would be very different.

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